Benefits of PAL

by Alice Goodwin

On seeing my timetable for the first time at the start of the year I noticed there was a PAL session scheduled at 9am on a Tuesday morning, the start of my week. I had pretty much made up my mind to give it a miss, but thought I’d just go once or twice to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything important. I’m glad I went! Amy is so lovely and helpful! We looked over the content from our previous semantics lecture. I’d found it quite difficult to get my head around in the lecture! But Amy not only reinforced it, but also explained it so clearly that it could be fully understood! I soon realised that attending a relaxed one hour session with Amy and other students on my course would make much more sense than spending hours (and hours!) each week trying to understand the complicated textbook, or worse leaving it all until the coursework was due in and getting frustrated that I couldn’t understand most of it! I now attend each week and feel confident that I understand even the most difficult bits (not bad for just an hour of my time each week!).

I asked Amy what she thinks of PAL, and she said she really enjoys running the sessions. She also knows she’s making a difference when she sees the same people coming back each week. Antonia, from another PAL group really enjoys thinking of enjoyable activities for the students to do each week; it’s great experience for her becoming a teacher. The students in my year also told me what they thought. One student finds it helpful to get advice from a student’s perspective, especially as they’ve been through the course in the same way we have.  Another feels much more comfortable with asking questions in this student-led environment than she does in the lectures. One student can’t understand why so few students attend PAL when it’s so helpful! I completely agree.

PAL sessions are held on Tuesdays (now at 10am) with Amy and Maryam in 4D07 and on Thursdays at 10am with Antonia in 3E12

One comment

  1. Fantastic to have a student’s perspective on this, Alice – and to hear how valuable you’ve found it. With more assessment looming, it’s not too late for others to give it a go!

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