New PhD in Linguistics – congratulations Hichem!

New PhD in Linguistics - congratulations Hichem!

by Kate Beeching

PhD student Hichem Aouina successfully defended his thesis “Globalisation and Language Policy in Tunisia: Shifts in Domains of Language Use and Linguistic Attitudes” at viva on Friday 8th. February 2013. The thesis focuses on the impact of globalisation on language policy in Tunisia and the shifts in language uses and attitudes it has caused. The word “globalisation” has a multitude of meanings, but in the thesis it is mainly used in reference to the recent boom in media and internet usage that has contributed to greater interconnectedness and interaction between people of different linguistic backgrounds. English was revealed to be more appealing to the younger generation than to the older one; young people are generally more strongly attracted to using modern technology, particularly online communication.

In the photo: independent chair Richard Coates, external examiner Dawn Marley (Surrey), PhD candidate Hichem Aouina, superviser Kate Beeching, internal examiner Jeanette Sakel


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