UWE Language exchange

by Hannah O’Callaghan



Language exchange is a project run by UWE and the Linguistics Society which gives international and British students the great opportunity to meet people from loads of other cultures and countries, make friends and even find a language buddy to teach each other languages. Almost every month, Lingua Cafes are run in the Octagon, providing a comfortable and friendly environment for people to hang out.


Every Lingua Café has a different theme, with cultural food, music and language learning puzzle sheets on the tables. Last week the café was themed around German culture, with free pretzels, sweets, cakes and German language puzzles. Before that, there have been Japanese and Spanish cafes. A lot of people come to the cafes, usually as many as 50 people, and each time new people join the language exchange. There are loads of people from different countries such as Bulgaria, German, Portugal, China, Spain etc. Everyone gets a chance to sit at a table and chat with other people.


Lots of people have also found language buddies in these cafes and are enthusiastic about teaching their language to someone else as well as learning their language. When you arrive at the café, you can write your name, what languages you know and what language(s) you would like to learn on a sticker which makes it much easier to find a language buddy. The best thing about the events is that everyone is very friendly and all interested in one and another.


The next Lingua Café is in early March. Like ‘UWE International’ on Facebook to receive updates about these events. If you would like to sign up for a language buddy before the next café, you can find buddy request forms in the Octagon to fill out. Be sure to visit the next Lingua Café!


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