Bristolian: event at the M-Shed

by Jeanette Sakel

Two days ago I ran a workshop for A-level students interested in language at the lovely M-Shed in town – together with Nils Langer and some of his colleagues from the ‘other’ university 🙂

Five amazing students were there, too! Thank you, Jens, Chantal, Suzie, Antonia and Josh!


The event was featuring Peter Trudgill as the plenary speaker (now we all know that we’ll have to keep speaking Bristolian!).


There were 4 workshops on different themes relating to the language(s) of Bristol. Our workshop was about some of the other languages spoken in Bristol – featuring Somali, Polish and German – all in relation to code-switching with English (and even including some information on bilingual first language acquisition). The students had a lot of opportunity to explore the data themselves, and to find their own conclusions as to why bilingual speakers code-switch. And of course they had lots of enlightening discussions with our students as well! Altogether a highly successful day – I’m looking forward to running a similar event again next year!

All photos are taken by Nils Langer and his team (the few snapshots I’ve got are nowhere near as nice!)

Image Image ImageImageImageImageImage

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