Programme: end of year conference “celebrating languages together”

by Maryam Bham

15th May 2013, Octagon

The programme can be viewed here:

12:00pm Welcoming Reception
1:00pm Conference Opening
1:10pm Dental fricative substitution strategies
used by Czech learners of English  

Antonia Kelly

1:35pm Inflectional Morphology of Verbs in the Literacy of Deaf People

Louis Jenkins

1:50pm Arabic Islamic formulaic expressions amongst non-Arabic-speaking British Muslims

Maryam Bham

2:15pm Break
2:30pm Deictic expression in asynchronous computer-mediated communication

Joshua Creaven

2:55pm An investigation of adult proficiency and attitudes towards apostrophes in British English

Amy Haines

3:25pm Conceptual Metaphors in Political Language

Alexandra Hurst & Fran Weatherall

3:55pm Linguistics Society

Matt Vicker, Tom Warner, Rachael Fundrey & Jessica Roberts

4:00pm Study Skills in Linguistics

Jeanette Sakel

4:30pm Conference Closing

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