List of all staff awards (2013)

by Maryam Bham

This is the full list of staff awards presented at the end of year conference ‘celebrating languages together’, 15.5.2013:

▪   Jeanette Sakel

The Raisin Award – For the most deserving of a ‘raisin’ pay…and for actually making time for lunch this year!!

▪   Richard Coates 

The Wikipedia Award – For always having an answer to every question and for explaining things in simple words.

▪   Catherine Rosenberg

Certificate of Excellence – For putting up with Josh all year and for having the biggest heart.

▪   Jo Angouri

The Housekeeping Award – For dedicating 5 mins of a lot of gender lectures to ‘housekeeping’.

▪   Rebecca Fong

Certificate of Appreciation – For sending so many emotionally supportive emails and for ignoring conventions by signing her emails with e lower case ‘r’.

▪   Jonathan Charteris-Black

The Metaphor Encyclopedia Award – For being a consistent source of metaphorical knowledge.

▪   Petros Karatsareas

Certificate of Excellence – For the efficient use of Skype.

▪   Michael Daller

Certificate of Achievement – for the best dressed.

▪   Maria Greany

The Single File Award – For keeping the boys in line!

▪   Maria Teasdale

The Carpe Diem Award – for making the most of every day.

▪   Chris Foggins

The Back In The Day Award – For most nostalgic.

▪   David Phelan

The Champagne Award – for the most sparkling personality and for the innate ability to communicate using only his eyebrows.

▪   Maricarmen Gill

The Old Faithful Award – For making sure if we have ‘any questions’.

▪   Jeanine Treffers-Daller

The Little Miss Sunshine Award – for the brightest smile.

▪   Anna Piasecki

The Rookie of the Year Award – For being a great newcomer.

▪   Kate Beeching

The  Loch Ness Award – For never being taught by you but knowing you were there!

One comment

  1. What a brilliant idea! I am very grateful for the Little Miss Sunshine Award. I have never received such a personal sign of appreciation from students before.
    The blog is excellent too.
    Very gratifying to see Linguistics has moved on in such a good way over the past two years. You are all doing extremely well – let the world know about the excellent work in Linguistics and English Language at UWE Bristol!
    Best of luck to all students who are now graduating and to those who are still on the course.
    Jeanine Treffers-Daller

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