Making films about language

by Jeanette Sakel

We have got some exciting ideas here on Lingo. Over the summer, we are going to work on films directly linked to language – but actually we also want you to get involved! 

What do you find important / interesting / difficult about language? How would you convey information about language through film?

Pick up your iphone, ipad or borrow a camera from our technicians and put together your own film this summer! We are going to host the best films here on our blog. Also, there is a chance to submit a film to the Watershed’s competition “electric december” – that is, if you are under 21 and if the film is less than 5 minutes!

The film will have to be in by the 26th of September – and even if you’ve never picked up a camera: why not try it out?

The Watershed, as well as others (e.g. the BBC Bristol) also run training events that you can get involved in. Check the website or get back to me to discuss this:

It would be brilliant if some of our students could get involved in this!



  1. … I’m currently doing some training in using big big cameras and film editing – this is something we want (some of) our students to be able to do, so there are exciting developments ahead if you’re interested! Get in touch if you are, and we’ll set something up…

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