The Videos Are Here!

by Craig Evans

Today, my first foray into show business! Well, there was a green screen and a video camera, and something called ‘Tricaster’; also, the master of Tricaster, a very accommodating man (a million thanks to Glenn Duckworth!) who gave us a few hours of his time to put together some short Language and Linguistics video presentations.

Maybe ‘show business’ is putting it a bit strongly. The set-up was more akin to tv weather forecasts, with Jeanette on presenting duties and a PowerPoint presentation appearing in place of whatever else might have been – sweeping aerial footage of Gotham city, perhaps? (Batman’s got nothing on Jeanette.)

This is the second week of my internship, and today we put together some short videos that are now appearing on Lingo.

The main purpose of these videos is to provide bite-size presentations on particular language or linguistics terms, concepts or topics to help students who may be struggling to grasp these – the idea being that something that makes complete sense in a lecture can sometimes become confusing and incomprehensible when you come to revise it.

At the moment the videos are in the trial stage, which is just as well for the conditions were certainly against us today. There was drilling and banging intermittent in the room above, oven-like heat with windows closed to keep out the noise, and the pressure of a time limit in which to complete the recordings.

It’ll be interesting to hear what students and staff make of these video presentations – please let us know your thoughts.


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