Our students are 100% satisfied with us :-)

by Jeanette Sakel

Today is the big day: the release of the NSS (National Student Survey) results. This day is eagerly awaited by institutions, as well as departments and individual academics. Did we get it all right this year? Are our students happy?

It seems we did things right! Linguistics has achieved a whopping 100% student satisfaction, with 100% satisfaction relating to our teaching and support. Wow!

Thank you thank you thank you!

A little bit of background on this: The NSS is an anonymous survey among final year (i.e. level 3) students across the UK, carried out by Ipsos Mori. Eligible students all fill in the same basic 22 questions (and sometimes some more questions specific to the institution). Questions relate to e.g. the quality of the teaching, support by academics and general ‘development’ during the course. The final question is about the overall satisfaction with the course. This is the value that most institutions will be compared by. And 100% puts UWE Linguistics in first place in the UK (followed by Cardiff with 96% and Lancaster with 95%).

Now, how did this result come about? I think it’s the hard work staff have put in to get things right, working in close partnerships with students to make sure our courses are as good as they can possibly be. It’s the personal support (which we introduced last year for level 1 and 3 students – from September it will be available to all students). And most of all it’s thanks to the incredible support we’ve had from you, our students! You have been giving us feedback on things to improve, helping us with solving problems and overall have made UWE the best place in the UK to study Linguistics :-)

Now we’ll have to ensure that we’ll continue to do things right – so current/future students: give us feedback, help us in changing things that don’t work, as well as let us know when things work well, so that we can build on that!

… but for now: where’s that champagne bottle?



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