by Jeanette Sakel

As many of you know, it’s still a while before you’ll get your official timetables – which is simply because they are not fully finalised. But, I know that many of you need to arrange work, childcare, etc., so it’s important to know ‘more or less’ when things are going to happen. Now, the below is totally unofficial and preliminary, which means that some of these will probably change. I’m only giving the lectures and workshops here. Seminar allocation will be random, so you shouldn’t worry about that just yet.

The official warning is: Please note that this is a draft and is liable to change.  The University will accept no responsibility for any losses incurred by you if you make arrangements based on this draft timetable.

Because these are not official, please do not contact timetabling or student advisers about any issues yet. You may, of course, contact me (not sure what I can do).

Level 3:

CHEL lecture Monday 11-1

EL Project lecture Monday 3-5

CDA lecture Monday 1-3

TESOL lecture Wednesday 9-10, Workshop Tuesday 5-6 (this may still change)

CWS lecture Wed 10-11, 12-1

Language contact lecture Friday 11-1

*Gender lecture Thursday 11-1 *(this module is the most likely to change – so don’t rely on this information).

Level 2:

Language acquisition: lecture Thursday 1-3 and some sessions Tuesday 1-3 (especially in TB2)

Language and the mind: lecture Tuesday 9-11

Analysing culture: language and the visual: Thursday 9-10 and associated PAL sessions, as well as a number of additional events throughout the year (these may fall in the 5-6 slot on Thursdays, but overall this timetabled slot has been removed for the convenience of the students on this module).

Language, skills and enterprise: Fridays 9-10 and 1-2 (some 1-3). Interspersed with seminars.


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  1. Apologies if you struggled finding this post – I tried to publish it from my iPhone (I’ve got today booked off), but for some reason it published it as a draft. problem solved, I hope! 🙂

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