Why not become a student ambassador!

by Jeanette Sakel

As the term is about to start again, it’s a good idea to consider applying to become a student ambassador (something many of our students have done / are doing and are very fond of). You’ve probably seen student ambassadors many times: sporting red UWE ambassador t-shirts, they work at open days, campus tours, UWE-events and much more. It’s a great way to get to know others, work closely with staff (such as at open days), improve your CV and even earn some money on top!

I strongly recommend considering this – and if you have any questions: please post them in the comments box below. I’m sure our previous/current ambassadors will be able to help.




  1. I thoroughly recommend this and fully agree with Jeanette! The joining process is very friendly and welcoming, through which you’ll meet lots of new faces and quickly learn the ropes.

    You usually are ‘supervised’ through the first few events you do, which also count as a probation prior to your first pay package. Then before you know it you’ll find yourself meeting, greeting and being generally useful when working events!

    Honestly, you’d be mad not to take up an extra opportunity like this, given the fact you already ‘know’ about UWE (current students), so why not earn some money from that?

    Also as Jeanette mentions, it genuinely does improve your CV. I was asked about my previous role as a Team Leader in my first job interview after graduating, so it is definitely worthwhile and does make a difference.

    Just don’t forget when you go back (or start university) that there is this little thing called studying and turning up for lectures and seminars that you still should probably do as well…!

  2. Thanks Chris! And the ‘studying’ part seems to have worked out alright for many of our ambassadors as well, judging by the degree classifications of those from your year I can think of at the moment :))

  3. Chris is right (as always) – Student Ambassador experience is really good and it also enabled me to meet lots of new people 🙂

    1. Haha I wouldn’t quite say I’m always right… But I’ll take that, thanks! 🙂 This clearly shows that Antonia and I are living proof that the Student Ambassador experience is indeed worthwhile!

  4. No problem! Ah yes, the ‘studying’ part turned out pretty well in the end, from what I can remember at the moment.. 🙂

    It is just all about getting the right work/play balance, something that is still achievable by all, with Student Ambassador work thrown into the mix alongside studying and a good attitude!

  5. I feel that being a Student Ambassador was one of the best opportunities that I took up whilst at UWE. It has opened so many doors for me and has allowed me to work so many different events. Events vary from Open Days, School and College visits to Business Lecture Series and Graduation Ceremonies.

    The application process is so easy and welcoming and once you’re on the system, the rest is easy. You get emailed all available work and only need to reply when you are available, meaning no need to commit, you can work on an ad hoc basis.

    It is a great way to meet new people, earn a bit of extra cash and a great opportunity for you to get involved in UWE life (more so than just through societies and SU etc). Also, they regularly do Ambassador Socials, which this year will be held at Vodka Revs, which is a great way to continue to meet other Ambassadors that you haven’t already met (there’s over 700 people).

    The Student Ambassador experience has been so much fun and so worthwhile and as Chris said, it looks so good on the CV, especially if you become a Team Leader as lots of employers love to see that on the CV.

    You would be mad not to go for this amazing opportunity. I had three jobs whilst at UWE and being a Student Ambassador was by far the best job I have ever had.

  6. Also just to say, Alex was Student Ambassador Head Team Leader for some time whilst at UWE, so I kindly (and I know you’ll thank me for this Alex) direct any/all questions about the scheme to her as there’s likely no one better, who used to be a student, to ask about it! 🙂

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