Language-Themed Quick Crossword

by Craig Evans


Does anybody fancy winning a prize to kick off the new academic year? Up for grabs is the choice between a bottle of wine, box of chocolates OR book token worth ten pounds or thereabouts for the winner. If you’re interested, then have a go at completing the language-themed crossword below.

You can email me your answers to, or print and complete the PDF version, which you can then pass to Jeanette.

The closing date is September 29th. The winner will be picked out of a hat of correct submitted entries. The winning prize will be available to collect from Jeanette’s office (room 3E2).

Good luck!

click here for printable copy



1. words where meaning requires contextual information

4. the language of the Wends

9. [h] is an example of this type of sound

10. Irish poet who co-founded the Rhymer’s Club

11. promotional texts

12. storytellers

13. North West England accent

15. class of word that provides more information about events and actions

19. when a word refers back to an earlier referent in a text

21. 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

22. a word or phrase peculiar to a language

23. figures of speech that use contradictory terms

24. inability or unwillingness to speak

25. type of inflection concerning the internal composition of an event




1. lexical analysis – groups of two successive letters expressing a single speech sound

2. types of sign with pictorial properties

3. says with no rise or fall in pitch

5. words or morphemes from which later words are derived

6. rhetoric – repetition of a word or phrase split by intervening words

7. categories that reflect grammatical functions

8. a short promotional description

14. person who teaches deaf people to communicate using features of spoken language

16. metric feet containing one stressed and two unstressed syllables

17. tediously pompous, inflated language

18. secret language

19. statement regarded as an accepted truth

20. Dell ­_____, famous linguist

21. the Mossi language


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