Teaching staff 2013-14

by Jeanette Sakel

We learnt a few weeks ago that Jo Angouri is going to leave UWE, and we’ve been working on finding good replacements for her teaching over the coming year. Also in the pipeline will be a new permanent lecturership, which we are hoping to advertise soon.

This means that we have a few changes to teaching on English Language and Linguistics, as well as English and English Language at UWE:

Level 3: Gender, (im)politeness and power in language will be taught by Associate Professor Kate Beeching, who is a specialist in the area.

Level 2, second teaching block: Second language acquisition will be taught by Dr Andreas Buerki (see below), alongside Dr Jeanette Sakel (me!) and the module leader Dr Anna Piasecki.

Level 1, second teaching block: Meaning, style and discourse will be taught by Michael Willett (see below), alongside Dr Catherine Rosenberg. The module leader is Prof. Jonathan Charteris-Black.

We are really pleased to have hired Andreas and Michael to teach these two modules at level 1 and 2. They are both enthusiastic teachers and researchers.

Dr Andreas Buerki (originally from Switzerland) is currently based in Cardiff, where he works as a postdoc following his PhD. He is a specialist in second language acquisition and formluaic language, and has previously worked as a TESOL teacher in Korea. Here’s a picture:


Michael Willett (from Cardiff) is about to submit his PhD thesis (and is likely to be Dr Willett by the time he teaches on our programmes). He is interested in the interplay between language (in particular sound) and literature (in particular style). Here’s a picture I found of Michael:

AA_Michael Willett

Welcome both!


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