Level 3 students: welcome to your last year!

by Jeanette Sakel

Our annual ‘welcome back’ newsletter has now officially gone on the blog: welcome back level 3s studying English Language and Linguistics OR English and English Language at UWE Bristol!

This is an exciting time, as it’s the last year of your studies. You’ve got quite a lot of ‘freedom’ in being able to choose what you study – and in particular if you are doing a project. I hope it’ll all go the way you had hoped, and that you’ll find this last year a great experience!

There are a number of ways in which we will support you, and a number of issues I’d like to highlight:

APT (= Academic Personal Tutors): you will each have a personal tutor, who will act as your point of call throughout your final year. Most personal tutors will probably already have sent you an email – if not you’ll hear from them soon. If you are unsure of who your personal tutor is, please get in touch (with Jeanette) to check. You are encouraged to indicate on MyUWE who your personal tutor is (there is a link on there – let me know if you have trouble finding it). You will be encouraged to meet up with your personal tutor a few times each term, and tutors will be available to write you references, help you in preparing for ‘life after uni’ (be it checking your CVs from an academic perspective, giving advice, etc.).

Careers office: this year is probably the best to make a lot of use of the careers office. They have specific CV checking services, which are highly recommended. Also, they can help you get a job, graduate internship or similar. It’s worth signing up to Info Hub and checking out the services that careers have on offer. If you haven’t been there yet, they’re right next to the library/Core 24, above the reception area.

Engage and ‘drop in sessions’ may be appearing on your timetables. Yet, these are not weekly events. Rather, the timetable slots are deliberately kept free so that we can arrange events such as APT meetings, meeting employers, special events and the like. Do no worry about this, until you receive an email about specific events planned during this slot.

The blog: please follow the blog, so that any news will be announced straight to your inbox. Just click the + sign at the bottom right of the screen. If you have anything interesting to share (a summer job in which you needed your linguistic knowledge, a news story you think others may be interested in, etc.), just write an entry for the blog and send it to Jeanette or Craig, so that we can upload it!

Changing modules: if you want to change modules, you can still do so for the first two weeks of TB1. (I think the deadline is noon on the Friday of week 2 of TB1). You have to follow the link on MyUWE (to CETTS, central timetabling). If you want to have a look at the module handbooks for the different level 3 modules, just look on your course Blackboard (the top-most ‘course’ on Blackboard), click ‘level 3 modules’ in the left-hand pane and you’ll get to the module handbooks. Most are uploaded now, please bear with those few that aren’t there yet (you can also ask the lecturers in question directly).

Feedback: we would absolutely love to get the same stunning NSS results (100% student satisfaction) as this year. For this reason, it’s really important for us that you give us feedback whenever things don’t work out (or when things are really good – we love to hear about those as well!). There are a range of channels: Student reps (each module will elect one, and you can see who it is and get their contact details on Blackboard – there’s a special folder for student reps in the left-hand menu). You can also contact me (Jeanette) as the Programme Manager, or your APT tutor. You can chat to any member of staff. 

Getting involved: there are lots of ways to get involved (if you aren’t already), such as LingSoc, coming to BCL (Bristol Centre for Linguistics) seminars (which will be advertised here on the blog), chatting to your lecturers (greatly encouraged) and APT tutors, coming to events and event running events! And that’s the next point:

End of year conference: we had our first end-of-year conference in May, which was organised by Maryam Bham and held at the Octagon. Some students presented their findings from their level 3 projects, there were some nice informal events (fun certificates for all lecturers), and lots of food (brought by participants) and drink (bought by the lecturers) 🙂 We had a great time, and it was a nice way to end the term! So: now we need a group of people to organise YOUR end-of-year conference! If you’re interested, get in touch with me (Jeanette), and we can discuss! I’m here to support you 🙂

That’s it for now. Looking forward to seeing you back next week!



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