Work opportunities for multilingual speakers

by Jeanette Sakel

We have been approached by a diving company looking to employ speakers of various languages. Here is what they say:

“We are an SME based in South Bristol who often have vacancies that require multilingual speakers which are tricky to fill. A lot of the roles we try to fill are Customer Service and don’t necessarily require much previous work experience and might be suitable for students but there are also often have other language roles such as Sales and Marketing roles that require more skills and knowledge. The languages we most commonly recruit for are French, Spanish, Italian and German but our member territory covers all of Europe so we do sometimes look for other languages in particular Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Hungarian and Russian.

Essentially what we need to do is reach a larger number of multi-lingual people than we are currently reaching using normal job adverts. We have a few roles coming up soon and it would be good to know whether you think there are enough students in UWE to advertise to and whether it would be possible to work together on this.”

If you are interested, please get in touch with Rachel Winterton at PADI EMEA Limited.

The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol, BS13 8AE


Direct Tel:  +44 (0) 117 3007314


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