Funding to present at an undergraduate conference

by Jeanette Sakel

You’ve again got the change to apply for funding to attend BCUR, the British Conference of Undergraduate Research. If you are interested, please check your student email for further information or get in touch with me. I highly encourage you to take part (even those not yet at level 3 – last year, a level 2 student received funding to present a paper!)

If you are thinking of a career in Academia, this is your place to start! But also for all sorts of other careers, it looks fantastic to have had this experience. There’ll be a competition for the 8 places that are available. I’m happy to mentor anybody who is thinking about putting in an abstract, so again: get in touch!

Jenny Hill is organising this again. This is what she writes:

Title: Call for Student Presentation/Poster abstracts – British Conference of Undergraduate Research 

For the second year running, UWE is supporting approximately 8 students from across the university to present their research at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research. The conference brings together undergraduate students from across the UK (and beyond) to share their research through poster presentations, spoken papers, or through creative outputs such as exhibitions, performances and film. This is an opportunity to present your dissertation work, intern projects and any other research that you have developed through the course of your studies. This might include assessed essays or other coursework. Submissions from all disciplines are welcomed.



Current undergraduate students are welcome to submit abstracts, as are recently graduated students provided that their research was conducted when they were an undergraduate. Research is considered to include all enquiry-based work including creative projects.


Are you interested? Then here is what to do

You should write an abstract with a concise title that is no more than 150 words long. It should summarise your research project in a way that will be accessible to a broad audience. Please include a list of three references to recent research in your field relevant to your project. Also indicate if you wish to present a poster or verbal paper. Your presentation at BCUR is likely to take place in a session with a variety of topics, so avoid jargon and abbreviations and make it understandable to people who know nothing about your field. A link to some example abstracts can be found on the main BCUR web page (at Please also write a short statement about why you would like to attend the conference.

Email these two items to after discussion with her, if you would like, or just email them directly to Jennifer. If there are more than 8 of you wishing to attend, the lucky ones will be selected after review of abstracts and short statements. You will then be supported by Jenny (as you require) in the preparation of your posters or presentations and there will be a UWE representative at the conference to help you there as needed.


Time line

Internal UWE abstract deadline: 18 November 2013

Decisions announced to UWE students: 20 November 2013

Abstract revision as necessary by selected students and submission individually to BCUR using official form and website: by 2 December 2013 (Jenny Hill to oversee)

Abstract acceptance by BCUR: 31 January 2014

Conference registration (paid for and organised by UWE) closes: 17 March 2013

BCUR conference, Nottingham: 14 and 15 April 2014

UWE will pay for poster preparation as needed, conference registration, conference dinner, overnight accommodation and travel to the event so if you accept a place then you need to attend and present! Your abstract will appear in the book of conference abstracts and you will also appear on the delegates list. You will be booked into a hotel together with a UWE staff representative who will be there to help you find your way around Nottingham and the university – if needed. There is a conference dinner for all students on the evening of day one.

Why should you take part?

This will be a great way for you to gain academic and employability skills to add to your CV and to take to job interviews. You will also meet and network with students from across the UK. Interviews with students from other universities and with the UWE students who took part last year highlight how they really enjoyed themselves, improved their knowledge and confidence, and gained skills that improved their CVs.  So, we are offering you the chance to do this again this year, free of charge, to enhance your knowledge, skills and competencies and for you to have fun with your peers.

Jennifer Hill


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