The English word of the year in German – nominations open

by Jeanette Sakel

In line with other posts here on the blog recently: my contribution about the word of the year – but this time in German, and, more specifically, a word ‘borrowed’ from English.

The anglicism of the year nominations are now open, and have received a range of entries (see the preliminary list here):

Last time, the word shitstorm made anglicism of the year – used by politician and serious journalists alike…. Let’s see what makes the final round this year!

Not all words we use in English are used in or borrowed in quite the same way into German. Handy ‘mobile phone’  is a nice example. As it shitstorm, for that matter (used for a chaotic situation where a lot of members of the public protest against some policy or other).

By the way: selfie – with pretty much the same meaning as in English – is on the list of nominations as well this year – it may make the award in German, too!


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