Christmas competition!!

by Jeanette Sakel

The end of the term is almost upon us, as is Christmas (and for most of our students: busy time, getting those essays ready for hand-in). But why not spend a few minutes on something a bit lighter, more fun – and win a book on top?

For this year’s Christmas ‘competition’, we’re asking you (students, staff, alumni – also including our editorial panel, of course!) to write a short piece for UWELingo (say, 200 or so words) about what you like about Linguistics / English Language. You can say something about a specific topic (e.g. ‘the acquisition of negation’), or about your experience at university, our Linguistics Society and more! 

It can be quite short and informal. All entries deemed publishable by our editorial panel will win a book – you can make your choice from a big stack of former library books (see some examples): 


The books will be distributed in the order of us receiving your text – so the sooner you write something, the more choice you’ll have!

The competition ends on Wednesday 18. December (or when we run out of books – whichever is first). Please send your entry to Jeanette (


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