Get involved in a BBC collaboration…

by Jeanette Sakel

Students of English Language (and Linguistics or English) are invited to take part in a BBC initiative as part of a food event (  You are invited to contribute to writing a BBC magazine and other social media publications. Following the initial launch meeting, there will be a workshop for students taking part – run by BBC producers of the festival which will provide them with additional training – no previous experience is necessary!

The project launch will take place: on Wednesday 19/2/2014 in 2S604, from 1400 to 1500.

This is a really great opportunity do something fun that looks amazing on your CV. Also, who knows where this initial experience will lead?

If you have any specific comments, please email Sam Thompson ( who is organising this event.

Here is more detailed info about the project:

The Project

UWE ACE students will form a social-media/reporting team which will attend events around the city, providing a commentary via social media platforms e.g twitter, facebook, instagram and a blog (with a site bringing all this content together specifically set up for this festival).


Content from this site will be repurposed by the BCC Producers working in the social media team for Food Connections, with a view to re-using it for accross the festival’s core BBC online channels (Radio 4, BBC Bristol, Immediate Media (BBC Magazines) and others e.g Radio 1 – Young People and Food etc).


Additionally, UWE will explore with BBC partners how content produced by students in response to the festival (e.g critical reviews of events, thematic discussion papers of themes/issues raised e.g Urban Farming, Community-based food production etc) might be used in further BBC print and online media.

Students will be provided with a bus pass for travel to the venues, and receive free entry into the events that they are covering as part of the social media team.


To take part

Students will need to have access to a mobile internet connection to be able to participate in live events.


It is possible for students without access to a mobile internet connection to participate through critical reviews and or thematic papers in response to festival events and activities.


Students should be confident communicators – verbally and in writing. They should be confident using social media platforms (although basic training can be given) and able to work within ethical and institutional guidelines. UWE and the BBC will provide full training for all students taking part in this event.


How to get involved:

We require a group of 15-20 students who will work with a team of UWE and BBC staff throughout the festival to act as a social media team. Creative Industries students students will also record the event visually (Illustration, Photography, Filmmaking and Creative Media etc).


In addition to the social-media reporting/participation in the festival, BBC producers are interested in specific approaches to the development of written content which can be used further to open up debates and discussions about the subjects raised through the festival. UWE students will be encouraged to produce (at minimum) a critical review of their experience of the festival, specific themes that have emerged and/or any other relevant outcomes. These will be considered by the BBC for use on a range of platforms including print and online media connected to the festival and the events taking place during it.


Following this initial meeting, students will be asked to confirm their interest in participating in this project, and will be invited to attend a set training session with BBC Producers who will lead a series of workshops exploring BBC guidelines, social media ethics etc in preparation for the event.


A website will be set up specifically for this event, which all students will upload content to. This will provide a body of assets for the Department to use, if appropriate, following the event, as well as producing a record of this external engagement activity for the students involved, and potential future students interested in the kinds of activities that are available to students who are interested in developing their professional experience in the workplace and in the city.




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