Another new PhD completion: well done Harry!

by Jeanette Sakel

We have a new PhD completion in the Bristol Centre for Linguistics: Harry Parkin passed his viva a few weeks ago. Many congratulations! Harry is part of Richard Coates’ FaNUK (Family Names in the UK) project.


Here is what Harry has to say:

“The thesis is titled Change in the By-Names and Surnames of the Cotswolds, 1381 to c1600. It analyses change in the name stock of the region as a result of developments in its economic, cultural and social history. As the Cotswolds was one of the main wool and cloth trading areas of the medieval period, much of the thesis looks at the influence that the wool trade has had on the types of names in use in the region and their localised distribution. This localised study has produced new findings on the proportion of non-hereditary names in the region at certain periods, the level of migration to the region, the highly localised nature of surname distribution as a result of local history, and the effect of local dialect on names and their forms. Along with these findings, new methodological approaches to regional surname surveys are suggested throughout the thesis, hopefully encouraging further regional analysis of English surname development and a revision of our understanding of English surname history.”

You can see more about Harry’s project on our PhD student page:


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