Interesting and Unusual Words: “Election”

By Matt Vicker


‘Election’ is a word that hopefully you will hear a lot over the next couple of weeks. It is an old word that comes from the Latin and Old French languages. The OED defines ‘election’ as ‘The action of choosing: in various specific applications’. One of the ‘sub-definitions’ is: ‘a.  The formal choosing of a person for an office, dignity, or position of any kind; usually by the votes of a constituent body.’ Election in the big political world can be a party game. The election that you should hear being thrown about around the University campuses is for the posts for the Students’ Union, where there is no party politics, only choosing an individual who best will represent you. There are many positions that candidates are running for and I urge you to check them out and embrace election week, which starts this Friday (7th March) at 2pm and lasts until midnight of Thursday the 13th.

I don’t want to tell you who you should vote for, but I do want to encourage you to read manifestos, sign in to the SU website and participate.

The OED entry for ‘election’:

To vote (once voting has opened at 2pm on Friday) and look at the candidates’ manifestos, please check out:


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