George Michael wakes from coma with a Bristol accent

by Richard Coates

Somebody must have noticed this headline in The Post for 5 March 2014, nicked from the Daily Mail, apparently. No? Well, it happened in 2011, so it’s old news, but the article does say that George (never embarrassed in his life about anything, of course) was so unhappy about the discovery that he vowed to give up dope for life. The Post wheels out for a comment Mr Gareth Chilcott (ex-Bath rugby star), who says: “He shouldn’t be embarrassed about speaking in a Bristolian accent. He should be more embarrassed about smoking cannabis at all. [Yeah, well.] I am a great advocate of the Bristolian accent. In fact it should be compulsory. There should be a law that every hour on television there should be a Bristol accent, so we can educate people.” Can I join you in the real world, Gaz?

Right-on George said in 2012: “The doctors were worried that I had this condition where some people wake up speaking French or some language they learned at school.”

So what’s the point? George learned Bristolian at school in North London? Weed gives you a Bristol accent? No. It’s that George’s docs were right. It does happen that you can wake up performing in another language, but it needs some sort of shock to bring it on. Have a look at

and the hard-headed sanity of

and decide whether you believe any of it.

I wonder what George woke up speaking on 8 April 1998,



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