Last writing tip of the academic year

by Harriet Castor

This is my last writing tip for this academic year – and it’s more of a reading tip. Whatever you’re doing this summer, don’t forget to read! Reading for pleasure can have a big effect on your writing skills. We all naturally absorb the rhythms and style of what we read. So, the more you read clear, well written prose, the more you’ll develop an ‘ear’ for good writing. This will help you when you read through your own drafts – you’ll have a better feel for how to improve them. 

Regularly reading something like the London Review of Books, for example – which contains essay-length articles – could really help your own writing. (The LRB has a website here and although you need to subscribe to access the entire magazine, there is always some free content available.)

For a confidential one-to-one session with me to work on your writing skills, email

I’m at Frenchay this Wednesday and at St Matthias this Thursday – and then I’ll be back in the autumn.


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