New location for us all: S-block

by Jeanette Sakel
Colleagues are all gradually moving into the new staff offices in S-block. This is the first time that English and English Language are truly ‘together’ on the same campus and in the same building. For our students, this means some great new facilities in S-block, such as this study zone:


The Street Cafe (and they do burgers and cheesy chips!):

Some nice places to stop and rest, inside and out:

20140617-123244-45164914.jpg 20140617-123245-45165692.jpg

And where will you find your lecturers? We’re on the main (ground) floor, in the 300s, which is a bit more than halfway down the house on the left. There are some catching pictures outside our new home:


Most seminars will be taking place in S-block from September, while some of the lectures will still be over in the main bunch of interconnected buildings (B, C, D, and E-block).


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