What is a resit – and what do those abbreviations mean?

by Jeanette Sakel

If you passed all of your modules this year: congratulations, and no need to read on. If you have to resit a module (for example because you failed a component of the module or did not attend an exam due to extenuating circumstances), I hope that this explanation will help.

You’ll get your overall results next week – they are due on the 24th of June. You may learn that part of your assessment has been ‘condoned’, i.e. that you failed a part of your course, but you have been excused and will be able to carry on. This is very rare, though, and please see me if you want a detailed explanation as to why that is.

In most cases, you will have to ‘resit’ the module you failed. There are different types of resit, here explained by our own UWE admin team:

“The definition of a resit is an assessment in the event of a failure, with or without further class attendance, having failed to reach the required pass standard at the first sit.

Modules can have one component (A) or two components (A and B). Failure in a Component means that you must do ALL the assessment elements listed against that Component. (This applies even if you received good marks and passed an element during the academic year.)

  • If you see 1RA or 2RA, you need to resit Component A.
  • If you see 1RB or 2RB, you need to resit Component B.
  • If you see 1RALL or 2RALL, you need to resit all components of the module. (Please note you may see this if the module only has one component – Component A.)”

Hope that’s helpful! You’ll soon learn whether you have to resit, and then when those resist are taking place (in August).


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