Graduation 2014!

by Jeanette Sakel

After a few quiet weeks (certainly here on the blog), we’re now back with lots of photos of today’s graduation ceremony. What a great day! Ok, there was the heat (oh, it was HOT!!), but meeting up with everyone one final time was a real treat.

Since there were so many graduates today, most staff were placed in the front rows of the audience, rather than on stage, which was excellent as I was able to take photos from an angle we don’t normally see during the ceremony.

If you have any further photos you’d like to add: just send them to me / share them on Dropbox and I’ll add them. Hope you all had a fab day! Oh, and stay in touch (via this blog, Facebook, Twitter or whichever way you prefer)!

2014-07-24 14.23.232014-07-24 14.29.29


2014-07-24 14.19.18 copy2014-07-24 14.26.30 copy2014-07-24 14.43.272014-07-24 14.50.022014-07-24 14.50.492014-07-24 13.53.202014-07-24 15.06.06-12014-07-24 15.06.242014-07-24 15.06.282014-07-24 15.06.512014-07-24 15.07.11-12014-07-24 15.09.222014-07-24 15.11.532014-07-24 15.14.152014-07-24 15.15.452014-07-24 15.18.18-12014-07-24 15.20.072014-07-24 15.20.20 2014-07-24 15.24.102014-07-24 15.29.47-22014-07-24 15.32.192014-07-24 15.34.522014-07-24 15.21.542014-07-24 15.38.172014-07-24 15.38.43_2014-07-24 15.40.24-1_2014-07-24 15.51.36_2014-07-24 15.52.57_2014-07-24 15.53.18-1_2014-07-24 15.53.24_2014-07-24 13.52.09-2_2014-07-24 14.04.12_






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