New lecturer in Linguistics and English Language: James Murphy

by Jeanette Sakel

We welcome our new colleague, Dr James Murphy, who is joining us as a lecturer in Linguistics and English Language. Here’s what he says about himself:

“I am originally from Middlesbrough — not Newcastle! so any references to Ant & Dec, Byker Grove or the Toon Army will result in severe punishment 😉  I come to UWE via the University of Manchester, where I have been for the last seven years, first studying French and German and then moving across to Linguistics for my Masters and PhD.

I have (just) submitted my PhD thesis, entitled ‘Apologies in the discourse of politicians: a pragmatic approach’.  The thesis explores British politicians’ apologies in a variety of settings – Parliament, public inquiries and news interviews, and compares these apologies to the ones made in everyday conversation.  Aside from apologies in political discourse, I am also interested in parliamentary language broadly, having published a paper on (im)politeness at Prime Minister’s Question Time and I’m currently working on aggression and activity types in the House of Commons.

In TB1, I will be teaching Language, Skills and Enterprise, as well as parts of Applying Linguistics: Forensic Analysis and English Past, Present and Future.  In TB2, I will teach Meaning, Style and Discourse and Language Acquisition.  

Outside of work, I enjoy binge-watching American TV series, drinking wine, anything Harry Potter-related and cooking (particularly curries).”

If you need to reach James by email, just beware that his address starts j.murphy@

He is based in room 2S303.

Welcome James, we’re looking forward to working with you! 


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