Term dates, times of exams, etc. 2014/15

by Jeanette Sakel 

We’re now in the beginning of September, and you may want to plan ahead (I’ve certainly had quite a few questions about this by email). So: if you want to know when the exam periods are going to be, when there’ll be a ‘student vacation’ etc. – this is the link to go to:


You can also navigate through to dates much further in the future! The final timetables will be published in the 12th of September – but as always, if you have to organise work or need to have a (very approximate) idea: get in touch with me by email and I can give you some indications as to when you’ll probably (‘most likely’, hedge, hedge, hedge again) be in class.

Hope that helps!

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at induction, 15. September. We’ve got induction events for all years this year. New (level 1) students 12-3, level 2 students 3-3:30 and level 3 students 3:30-4, followed by our ‘start of year event’ in the same room – all in glorious S-block!

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