Help with writing in the department

by Jeanette Sakel
This year we have our own author-in-residence in the department of Arts and Cultural Industries again – and for those of you who were here last year: we’re lucky to have Harriet Castor again. Harriet is available for meetings to go through your writing (e.g. essays, questions about how to approach writing, etc.). She has also contributed a lot to this blog with essay writing tips and a post about how she got into writing in the first place.

Here is more information about Harriet:

Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow in the Arts Department at UWE, 2014-15

The Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellowship is a scheme that places professional writers –novelists, non-fiction writers, playwrights and poets – in higher education institutions to offer writing support to students.

My name is Harriet Castor, and for 2014-15 I will be the RLF Fellow working in the Arts Department at UWE. I will be available during term time at Frenchay campus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can contact me at

My task is to help students in the Arts Department to improve their writing skills. I offer one-to-one sessions, during which I can work with you on clarity of expression, on structuring arguments, on planning essays and dissertations, or on any other aspect of writing where you feel you are struggling or would like help to improve. These sessions are confidential. You can book an appointment with me by email, and can come either independently or in response to a recommendation from a tutor.

Here’s my profile from the Royal Literary Fund website:
Harriet Castor is a writer who specializes in books for children and young people. First published when she was at school, she has now written more than forty books, of which roughly half are fiction and half non-fiction. The most recent, VIII, is a novel for teenagers about the psychological decline of Henry VIII. It was described by The Telegraph as ‘excellent’, by Books for Keeps as ‘stunning and engrossing’ and by the bestselling horror writer Charlie Higson as ‘exciting, fascinating and surprisingly scary’. VIII was longlisted for the Carnegie Medal, the UK Literary Association Award and the Amazing Book Awards.
Harriet holds a first-class degree in history, and has worked both in publishing (as an editor) and in the dance world (as a Benesh notator with The Royal Ballet). Since becoming a full-time writer she has not only produced original works, but has adapted classics (such as Alice in Wonderland), edited an anthology and written articles and reviews for several national newspapers. She has given talks at schools and book clubs all around the country, as well as appearing at numerous literary festivals including the Hay Festival, the Cheltenham Literature Festival and the Edinburgh Book Festival.
Contact details

Harriet works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and you can book an appointment by emailing


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