Bristol Centre of Linguistics Seminar Series 2014-2015

by Craig Evans

The BCL seminar series starts tomorrow at UWE, and the line-up looks great! First up, Laura Wright will be visiting from Cambridge to deliver a talk on an interdisciplinary approach to history (Geography, Literature, Onomastics: the rural and suburban history of Sunnyside, Rm 2S609). This will be followed a week later (22 October, Rm 2S609) by our very own Harry Parkin who will be sharing with us his findings on what tax returns reveal about the West Midlands English dialect.

After a two-week interval, on 5 November (note: this has now been rescheduled to 3 December), Markus Schiegg will be over from the University of Bristol to talk about Variation in lower-class writing: 19th-century patient letters from southern Germany (Rm 2S603). Then, for those of you interested in semantics, Richard Coates will be revisiting a fascinating theme with Some more aspects of the Pragmatic Theory of Properhood, which will be on 12 November (Rm 2S609).

With impending deadlines before the end of Teaching Block 1, the seminar series will take a break, to resume after Christmas and the January exam period. On 28 January, UWE’s Rik Cheston will be providing some interesting insights into the effects of dementia, with Analysing the accounts of people affected by dementia (Rm 2S703). This will be followed by a talk by one of the newest members of the English Language and Linguistics department at UWE, James Murphy, on Political apologies in non-monologic settings (4 February, Rm 2S603).

11 February is a date for the diary for anyone considering a career in health or education, especially in SLT: Sue Roulstone (UWE) will be speaking on the subject of Speech Therapy and Child Language Development (Rm 2S609). On 25 February, Maj-Britt Mosegaard-Hansen (Manchester) will be looking at conversation strategies with her talk on Patterns of thanking in UK service calls (Rm 2S609); and on 4 March Alison Wray (Cardiff) will be discussing some of her research on Formulaic language, language processing and interpersonal communication (Rm 2S609).

The variety of linguistics subjects covered in the 2014/15 programme will continue in March, with Helen Woodfield from the Graduate School of Education (University of Bristol) coming to talk about Sociopragmatic variation and retrospective verbal report in L2 speech act research. That will be on 11 March (Rm 2S609), and on 25 March Tony McEnery will be visiting from Lancaster University to report on a project he has been jointly heading up with Claire Dembry, The Spoken British National Corpus 2014 Project (Rm 2S609).

So, there is a lot to look forward to – be sure to come along!

All presentations will be in S-Block at UWE, Wednesdays 1pm-2pm.


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