Skills sessions for our students

by Jeanette Sakel

Now that the marks for TB1 have been released, you may feel that you need a bit of a boost when it comes to improving your academic writing (or other skills to do well in the assessment). There are a number of places to go:

  • Harriet Castor – our trusted ‘writing tip of the week’ contributor – runs individual writing sessions with students. Please see her contributions for details on how to book these sessions
  • Special sessions within the Department and Faculty – we are currently offering a number of special sessions for students in our area. You should have received email introductions to these in your student inbox
  • Jeanette’s new ‘Study skills for Linguistics’ book – a pre-publication version of the book, which comes out in April (2015) with Routledge is still available for our students. It’s now too late to give further feedback (thank you so much for those who did get back to me!). The book is on Blackboard – it’s in the course ‘generic’ Blackboard folder (the first ‘module’ from the top), in ‘course materials’.
  • University-wide skills sessions, run by specialised staff based in the library. They have just advertised the following:

Drop-in sessions

These are run by the English Language and Academic Skills Unit (ELASU) and are an opportunity for you to receive some help and advice to improve your academic skills. Any student registered at UWE is welcome.

You could come to discuss:

  • An assignment you have failed (please bring a hard copy with you)
  • An assignment you are currently writing (please bring a hard copy with you)
  • A weak academic skill that is preventing you from learning effectively and efficiently.

What kind of help can I expect to receive?

We may refer you to a skills workshop. These run regularly throughout TB1 & TB2

We may refer you to a language class if your English language is preventing you from communicating clearly. These run regularly throughout TB1 & TB2

We may devise an action plan with tasks to complete and ask you to return at a later date.

If we cannot help you, we may suggest that you speak to your subject tutor

Please note that we do not offer a proofreading service

Where and when are the drop-ins?

Frenchay campus  3D42 (level 3 of Library)

Mondays                    13.00-14.00

Wednesdays            10.00-11.00

Thursdays                 12.00-13.00


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