graduation 2015!

by Jeanette Sakel

Time for graduation again! And a lot of lovely people. Here are some photos of our graduates, their families, lecturers in Linguistics, English Language and English (and others!), the Faculty Executive and more. Please send me your photos (via Facebook or the like) if you’d like them to be added to the blog – especially those hat-throwing ones 😉

I had a great time today – hope you all enjoyed it, too! (and thank you so much for the lovely card!)

[click on a photo to see a larger version]

card for lecturers gr1 gr2 gr4 gr5 gr6 gr7 gr8 gr9 gr10 gr11 Graduation-2015-cathedralgr13 gr14 gr16 gr17 gr18 gr19 gr20 gr21 gr22 gr23 gr24 gr26 gr27 gr28 gr29 gr30 gr31 gr32 gr33 gr34 gr35 gr37 nerves?


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