Writing opportunities

by Rebecca Fong

The International Student Experience Journal would like to invite contributions from students on any aspect of the international student experience. Please consider encouraging your students to write for the journal. This is an excellent opportunity for budding writers to take a first step into the world of publishing. We have a supportive team of reviewer/mentors who can support students through the process of crafting an article for publication. Contributions are welcomed from both international students and home students who are experiencing ‘internationalisation at home’ or who have travelled to study as an international student in other countries.


Take a look at our latest issue here: http://isejournal.weebly.com/


For more information, contact: ricky.lowes@plymouth.ac.uk<mailto:ricky.lowes@plymouth.ac.uk> (student contributions)


Also, if you or your colleagues would like to contribute to the journal, please contact:


Phil Horspool: ph25@le.ac.uk<mailto:ph25@le.ac.uk> if you’re interested in becoming a peer reviewer for the journal or Chris Lima: cl203@leicester.ac.uk<mailto:cl203@leicester.ac.uk> (staff contributions)



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