Present your work at an undergraduate conference!

by Jeanette Sakel & Jenny Hill

Call for Abstracts: British Conference of Undergraduate Research

Manchester Metropolitan University: Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 March 2016 

For the fourth year running, UWE is supporting (financially and academically) a small number of undergraduate students to present their research at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research. The conference brings together undergraduate students from across the UK (and beyond) to share their research through posters or spoken presentations. This is an opportunity to present your dissertation work, summer/intern projects or any other research that you have developed through the course of your studies. This might include assessed essays or other coursework.Submissions from all disciplines are welcome.


Current UWE undergraduate students are welcome to submit abstracts, as are recently graduated students provided that their research was conducted when they were an undergraduate. Research is considered to include all enquiry-based work including creative projects.

Over the past few years about 30 students have applied each year and UWE has centrally supported around 6-8 students to attend. Students are selected following the process below.

Are you interested? Then here is what to do

Email two items to by 30 November 2015:

Item 1 – Research abstract (following the requested BCUR format):

  1. State your project/presentation title and the name(s) and email(s) of the author(s);
  2. Abstracts should be approximately 250 words;
  3. State whether you wish to present your work as an oral presentation (usually 15 mins including 5 mins for questions)or a poster (which you stand by for an allocated amount of time and answer questions from circulating students);
  4. A successful abstract usually includes a clear statement of the overall research aim or purpose, clear research design and methods, findings (or anticipated findings at this point) of your research, and (expected) conclusions and implications of your research;
  5. As BCUR is a multi-disciplinary conference, you should aim to write your abstract in a way which is accessible for a broad audience.

Item 2 – Statement of why you want to participate 

Write a short statement about why you would like to participate in the conference. We do not just pick the best abstracts – we try to ensure a range of students attend according to research area, research interest and wider social factors.

If we receive more abstracts than we have funds for, your abstract and statement of why you wish to attend will be reviewed by Jenny and she will select those students who will be funded to attend. These students will then be supported by Jenny (as they require) in the preparation of their posters or presentations.

Time line

Internal UWE abstract deadline: 30 November 2015

Decisions announced by Jenny to UWE students: 2 December 2015

Individual abstract submission to BCUR (using official email address): by 11 December 2015

Abstract acceptance by BCUR: January 2016

Conference registration at similar time to abstract acceptance (paid for by UWE)

BCUR conference, Manchester Metropolitan University Business Scho0l: 22 and 23 March 2016 (note this is the first week of the Easter break).

Further information …

Time will be allocated at the conference for you to ‘present’ your poster, along with other students, where you will be expected to stand by your poster and answer questions from delegates. You will be responsible for printing your poster. The conference will provide poster boards and mounting materials.

Paper presentations
Verbal papers are usually 10 minutes in length, with 5 minutes for questions. Time limits are adhered to so please make sure you time your presentation before you attend the conference (you will be given the opportunity to practice your presentation in front of each other and Jenny if you wish). PowerPoint and an internet connection are usually available for all presenters.

See: more information.

UWE will pay for conference registration, overnight accommodation and travel to the event so if you accept a place then you need to attend and present! Your abstract will appear in the book of conference abstracts and you will also appear on the delegates list. You will be booked into accommodation together and may have to share a room with one other UWE presenter. There is usually a conference dinner for all students on the evening of day one. Usually we ask you to pay for this if you wish to go such that you have made a small financial contribution and this prompts you not to drop out.

Why should you take part?

This will be a great way for you to gain academic and employability skills to add to your CV and to take to job interviews. Preparing for and presenting at BCUR counts as one activity for your UWE Bristol Futures Portfolio (See You will also meet and network with students from across the UK. Interviews with students from other universities and with the UWE students who took part in previous years have highlighted how they really enjoyed themselves, improved their knowledge and confidence, and gained skills that improved their CVs.


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