Tense and aspect – and many more new videos

by Jeanette Sakel

I’ve been busy filming and editing a number of new videos, including:

  • tense and aspect LINK
  • complement clauses LINK
  • agreement (in grammar) LINK
  • adjectives (modifying and predicatively used adjectives) LINK

These are simple, short introductions (usually of less than 5 minutes). They are all available on our Language at UWE YouTube channel.

As always, let me know if there are specific videos you would like me to add to this list! The ‘tense and aspect’ video came about after I ran a CPD-training event for teachers of the Cabot Learning Federation on ‘teaching grammar’ – they asked whether it would be possible to put together a video on this topic. The video on complement clauses relates directly to some of the things we discussed in class (level 2, ‘Language and the Mind’) last week! The other two videos (agreement and adjectives) have been on my (and others’) wish-list for a while.

These videos are the first ones that I have (fully) produced myself – I’ve now got my video set-up going. It’s a steep learning curve, but it’s also great fun 🙂

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