Level 1 Timetable

You should by now be able to see your personalised timetable on myUWE, but in case you can’t or you want to double check that everything is on there, here is the current timetable:

(EL= modules taken by students studying English and English Language and English Language and Linguistics; L= modules taken by students studying English Language and Linguistics only)


Monday 9-11 English: Past, Present & Future lecture (EL)

Monday 12-2 Meaning, Style & Discourse lecture (EL)

Monday 2-3; 3-4; 4-5 Meaning, Style & Discourse seminars (EL)

Monday 2-3; 3-4; 4-5 English: Past, Present & future seminars (EL)

Tuesday 2-4 Sociolinguistics & Fieldwork lecture (L)

Wednesday 9-11 Applying Linguistics: Forensic Analysis lecture (L)

Wednesday 11-12; 12-1 Applying Linguistics: Forensic Analysis seminars (L)

Wednesday 11-12; 12-1 Sociolinguistics & Fieldwork seminars (L)

Please attend the seminar group listed on your timetable.  If you are missing anything from your timetable, please consult with one of the Student Advisors who will be able to resolve the issue for you.  You can do this by visiting one of the Information Points dotted around campus, or telephoning 0117 32 85678 to book an appointment.


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