Bristol Soundscapes competition

Kate Beeching is launching the Bristol Soundscapes project, in which we aim to capture and celebrate the linguistic diversity of Bristol.  We are looking for you to collect short recordings of people using language in our city, with a view to producing an interactive map demonstrating the wide variety of languages and dialects used in the local area.

Kate will be hosting a training session next Monday

Bristol Soundscapes Training session, 11- 12 am on 31 October in Room 2S704:

Suitably seasonal spooky refreshments provided).  Here you can get more information about the project, and how we would like you to get involved.


  • GREAT PRIZES and a GALA PRESENTATION/END-OF-TERM party! Wednesday 7 December, 1pm in 2S606. The 10 best videos will be displayed. Light refreshments provided/bring something to share.
  • GREAT FUN: Meet new people, find out about the accents, languages and dialects actually spoken in the city
  • A WORTHY CAUSE: Interactive map display for Bristol; S-block exhibit

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