Summer reading — Level 2

This is the first in a series of posts giving suggestions for reading that you could be getting on with over the summer.   Students going in to level 2 will be well advised to dip into some of these texts in preparation for the new academic year (I know — we’ve only just finished this one, but you can’t start too early!!).

Language Acquisition

TB1 a reading list consisting of a number of chapters from different textbooks, but recommended reading is:


  •  Ambridge & Lieven
  • Selected chapters from Handbook of cognitive linguistics and second language acquisition (2008) (Eds. Robinson, P. & Ellis, N. C.)

Language and the Mind

TB1: a mixture of different books. Recommended reading includes:

  • Harley, T.A. (2010) Talking the Talk, chapters 5-8: LINK
  • Paul Warren’s (2012) Introducing Psycholinguistics, chapters 1-9: LINK

TB2: a mixture of texts, including as recommended reading:

Boroditsky, L. Schmidt, L. & Phillips, W. (2003) Sex, syntax, and semantics. In Gentner & Golding-Meadow (Eds.) Language in Mind: Advance in the study of Language and Cognition.

Language, research and the workplace

TB1: reading is set weekly on a variety of journal articles.  Students may wish to consult: Holmes, Janet & Maria Stubbe. 2015. Power and politeness in the workplace. Abingdon: Routledge.

TB2: most of the reading on this half of the module will be led by the research project that you undertake.  However, a useful book on research methods is:

Podesva, Robert & Devyani Sharma (2013) Research methods in linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Analysing culture: language and the visual

TB1: to be confirmed.

TB2: Jackson, H., and E. Ze Amvela (2000) Words, meaning and vocabulary. Bloomsbury.


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