Summer Internships

The following is the first of a series of posts from students who were undergraduate interns over the summer with the Bristol Centre for Linguistics.  First up: Poppy and Armony.


So you’re thinking of applying for that internship?! Here’s what you need to know.

An undergraduate internship in Linguistics is a great opportunity if you want to spend a summer learning about topics within your course in more depth. You will get an insight into your lecturers’ work and research and what life would be like in an academic position, with an added bonus of extra cash!

As interns over the past few months, we have consolidated knowledge relevant to our final year which has helped us in our studies, especially with choosing a topic for our final year project.

The positions that were available last year related to Linguistic Relativity and The ‘Sounds Bristolian’ project, both part of the research conducted by the Bristol Centre for Linguistics (BCL).

The main tasks of the Linguistic Relativity position focused on the development of experimental materials, including ethical considerations (e.g. putting together documents for ethical approval, etc.), and analysis of child language data. Using transcription software (ELAN) and literature research were also part of this position.

The focus of the ‘Sounds Bristolian’ internship was work towards the project itself, including ELAN transcription and interview organisation. Other tasks included corpus research (from Hansard political corpus to twitter), poster production, and assisting with the FaNUK project (Family names of the United Kingdom).

We also had the good fortune of being invited to help in a faculty event at M-Shed. This event was a large display of interesting work carried out by different researchers within the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education at UWE. As undergraduate interns, we were made to feel fully involved in the showcase of linguistic research and a valuable addition to the team. For this, we would like to thank the BCL staff and faculty members. (An honourable mention also goes to the catering team at M-Shed who provided food and cake)

–Armony & Poppy.



L–R: Richard Coates holds court; Poppy with some of the BCL crew; the view from M-Shed.


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