Summer internships

As in previous years, the Bristol Centre for Linguistics are advertising for student interns to work with us over the summer.  Information about the role and the application process can be found here: We hope to make two appointments.  Here is a summary from Aleks Mihok, who carried out an internship with us last summer:

BCL Summer internship programme: A review

Last summer I had a great privilege of working as an intern at our own Department of English Language and Linguistics. For me, it was a fantastic opportunity not only to get some hands-on experience in working with languages but also to boost my CV and earn some money at the same time.

I worked part-time, on a job-share basis with another student-intern, which was ideal, as it gave me a lot of flexibility and allowed me more time for other commitments.

I was meeting up with the project leader on the regular basis, however, most of the time, I could work from home on my computer.

Working on an Experimental Language Relativity project and assisting the project leader in preparing materials for psycholinguistic experimental studies helped me gain an insight into linguistic research methods. I was also very lucky, as I was involved in a project that looked at Finnish and Polish, giving me an opportunity to put my linguistic skills into practice. However, very much to my surprise, preparing materials in Polish – my mother tongue, turned out to be one the most challenging part of this tasks!

All in all, an internship is a great opportunity to develop your existing skills and built up new ones, especially critical thinking and problem-solving and creativity, as you need to approach the tasks from various perspectives. Internships are also great for networking and waking up your inner researcher!



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