Welcome to Mark!

Earlier this month we welcomed Mark to the English Language and Linguistics department. Here is what Mark says about himself:

Hello, everyone!

I am glad to join the English Language and Linguistics team at UWE.

I was born and raised in Ghana, and studied in Ghana, Norway and Hong Kong. I come to UWE from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), where I held the PolyU Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship and examined the representations of mental illness in the Ghanaian news media. My PhD research, which explored the interplay of discourse, ideology and mythology in politics, furthers understanding on the content, form and function of political myth and illustrates the role of language and (post-independence) leaders in political decolonization processes.

I am an interdisciplinary scholar who investigates how people deploy language in specific spatiotemporal and sociocultural contexts to achieve various aims, including identity construction and negotiation, self-promotion and othering as well as argumentation, resistance and (de)legitimation. I am particularly interested in language and identity, language attitudes and stereotypes, language and diversity, language and the media and language and/in politics. My research has a critical orientation; therefore, it aims to raise awareness about various complicated constructs in society and to illustrate how research on language use can translate into social transformation.

Who I am as a teacher is a direct result of who I am as a learner. To this end, I employ dialogic teaching where I situate myself as a learner-cum-facilitator who models active listening and engagement. I also take a critical approach to curriculum development that underscores commitment to diversity in teaching, assessment and student support.

My teaching philosophy is grounded in the core principles of relevance, reciprocity and value-addedness, and I strongly believe in multiperspectivity because when people/students see beyond their own experiences they can begin to understand the complex framework in which education exists. My aim is to guide my students to learn how to learn by evaluating and synthesizing various bodies of knowledge. This term, I will teach Critical Discourse Analysis, Intercultural Communication and Making Meaning.

Apart from my work in academia, I run a career and grad school consultancy firm. I also lead a mentorship scheme that provides guidance and support to students (especially in developing countries) who want to pursue further studies. I am furthermore interested in volunteerism, sports and music.

I look forward to a fulfilling experience at UWE – see you around!

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