Summer reading -UPDATED 6.8.2014

by Jeanette Sakel

I know you’ve probably got other things to do (like lying on the beach, sipping cool drinks and meeting up with friends), but if you would like to read a bit about the stuff you’ll be doing next year, here are lists of suggested reading. Please note that this post will be added to as and when I hear back from colleagues.

Please note: this is not the ‘ultimate’ list yet, and changes may very well occur. Yet, for summer reading, this list is perfect and should keep you occupied for a while 🙂


Incoming students, Level 1


  • Yule The study of languageLINK
  • Jones, R. H. (2012) Discourse Analysis. London: Routledge
  • Kress, G. R., &  Van Leeuwen, T. (2006) Reading images: the grammar of visual design. London: Routledge
  • Pullum. 2005. A student’s introduction to English grammar. Cambridge: CUP.

Those on English Language and Linguistics (additional texts):

  • Sakel & Everett Linguistic Fieldwork Cambridge University Press: LINK
  • Meyerhoff, M Introducing Sociolinguistics: LINK
  • recommended: R. Lieber Introducing Morphology CUP: LINK
  • recommended: R. Coates Word Structure: LINK
  • Baker, P. (2009) Contemporary Corpus Linguistics. London: Continuum
  • Coulthard, M. and  Johnson, A. (2007) An Introduction to Forensic Linguistics: Language in Evidence, Oxford, Routledge
  • Ashby, Patricia. 2011. Understanding phonetics. London: Hodder.
  • Yule, George. 2008. Pragmatics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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End of year conference 2014

by Jeanette Sakel
Our end of year conference 2014 took place in the Octagon yesterday evening, with presentations from Jens, Victoria, Taylor and Alice. It was a great event – a really nice end to the year! Our graduates Amy and Maryam came to visit as well, and Petros came down from Manchester to join us, too.
In the end, our level 3s presented staff with two caricature drawings, which will feature prominently in our new pod in S-block (in the 2s300s), where we will be residing from June onwards.
Thank you all for coming, and making this event special! Thank you, all level 3s for the lovely pictures!

20140508-084135.jpg 20140508-084154.jpg 20140509-150513.jpg

Student rep and student-led teaching awards

by Jeanette Sakel

Congratulations Jens Branum (level 3) for winning this year’s student experience impact award – a very well deserved recognition of his work both in the rep system, as well as in other areas of the Programme over the last (almost) three years. Further nominations went to Emily Duignan and Victoria Mercer (who was shortlisted for the student rep award).

On top of that, most of the lecturers in English Language and Linguistics received nominations from our students (a total of eight nominations!), and quite a few of us made the shortlist of the student rep and student-led teaching awards.

Well done English Language and Linguistics at UWE Bristol!

Internship opportunity for 1st or 2nd year students

by Sandee Sond

I am currently working on a very exciting project involving early years literacy and my company has given me the go ahead to recruit an intern this summer. This is a great opportunity – I started my role as an intern and now essentially run a small business within a young, vibrant start up company. The person we welcome into our team will get to help us launch the project both online and at an event in June. One important note is that cover letters must be tailored to the role – this is what let down many applicants last summer. If there are any questions, my preferred email address is sandee.sond@gmail.com

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Module options for level 3

by Jeanette Sakel

Students at level 2 will recently have received a Blackboard update about the module options fair, which takes place on Friday 7.3. from 2-4 in the afternoon – in 1R 26 (R-block is the modern building near the halls/centre for Sports where the Architecture Programme is located). 1R26 is right next to the downstairs café).

This event is your opportunity to meet the lectures and module leaders at level 3 in one space, and get to know the modules. You will, for example, be able to ask about assessment, and talk to current level 3 students to hear what they think about the modules they are studying. You will also be able to quiz Anna about the Language Project (i.e. the Undergraduate Dissertation), and look at a few examples of previous dissertations. Continue reading

Another new PhD completion: well done Harry!

by Jeanette Sakel

We have a new PhD completion in the Bristol Centre for Linguistics: Harry Parkin passed his viva a few weeks ago. Many congratulations! Harry is part of Richard Coates’ FaNUK (Family Names in the UK) project.


Here is what Harry has to say:

“The thesis is titled Change in the By-Names and Surnames of the Cotswolds, 1381 to c1600. It analyses change in the name stock of the region as a result of developments in its economic, cultural and social history. As the Cotswolds was one of the main wool and cloth trading areas of the medieval period, much of the thesis looks at the influence that the wool trade has had on the types of names in use in the region and their localised distribution. This localised study has produced new findings on the proportion of non-hereditary names in the region at certain periods, the level of migration to the region, the highly localised nature of surname distribution as a result of local history, and the effect of local dialect on names and their forms. Along with these findings, new methodological approaches to regional surname surveys are suggested throughout the thesis, hopefully encouraging further regional analysis of English surname development and a revision of our understanding of English surname history.”

You can see more about Harry’s project on our PhD student page: http://www1.uwe.ac.uk/cahe/research/bristolcentreforlinguistics/currentandrecentphdstudent.aspx#parkin

NSS and SES – your help needed

by Jeanette Sakel

now they’re upon us again: the student surveys:

  • The NSS (the National Student Survey) is for all level 3 students and is carried out at universities across the UK.
  • The SES (the Student Experience Survey) is UWE internal, and filled in by all other students (levels 1, 2 and postgrad).

Both are quite similar: they don’t take long to fill in, and ask questions about your experience at university – in particular within your Programme (that is English Language and/or Linguistics/English). These surveys are hugely important to us – please fill them (i.e. the one you qualify for) in, and encourage as many of your course mates to fill it in as well!

If you have any questions, I happy to have a chat. Also, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve (e.g. our teaching, the way we give you feedback, etc.) just get in touch – either with your tutor, a student rep (names given on Blackboard for each module) or with me as your Programme Manager.

Congratulations Chi!

by Jeanette Sakel

Our latest PhD student to have passed their viva is Giao Chi Le Thi – featured here with her viva team (from right to left: soon to be Dr Chi; Raf Salkie, external examiner; Jonathan Charteris-Black, internal examiner; Richard Coates, independent chair; Kate Beeching, main supervisor – the second supervisor, i.e. me, is behind the camera). Chi’s thesis is entitled “Grammatical Metaphor in English Official Documentation”, looking at translations between English and Vietnamese.

Many congratulations, Chi!