Bristol Centre for Linguistics

Bristol Centre of Linguistics Seminar Series 2014-2015

by Craig Evans

The BCL seminar series starts tomorrow at UWE, and the line-up looks great! First up, Laura Wright will be visiting from Cambridge to deliver a talk on an interdisciplinary approach to history (Geography, Literature, Onomastics: the rural and suburban history of Sunnyside, Rm 2S609). This will be followed a week later (22 October, Rm 2S609) by our very own Harry Parkin who will be sharing with us his findings on what tax returns reveal about the West Midlands English dialect.

After a two-week interval, on 5 November (note: this has now been rescheduled to 3 December), Markus Schiegg will be over from the University of Bristol to talk about Variation in lower-class writing: 19th-century patient letters from southern Germany (Rm 2S603). Then, for those of you interested in semantics, Richard Coates will be revisiting a fascinating theme with Some more aspects of the Pragmatic Theory of Properhood, which will be on 12 November (Rm 2S609).

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Bristol Centre for Linguistics talk on the history of English AND language contact

by Richard Coates

You are invited to our Bristol Centre for Linguistics seminar, Wednesday 5 February 2014, room 3E24, 1300-1400

Richard Ingham (Birmingham City University): The role of Anglo-Norman in the history of English: shift-induced contact influence?

[This talk is highly relevant to level 3 students on ‘the Cultural History of the English Language’ and ‘Language Contact and Bilingualism’, as well as level 1 and 2 students who want to study these subjects in more detail]


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Bristol Centre for Linguistics Christmas events

by Jeanette Sakel

The BCL has two great forthcoming events (all students, staff and interested parties welcome!):

Tomorrow, Wednesday 11. December 1-2pm in 3E24 Catherine Rosenberg is going to talk about her thesis, presenting a talk on ‘Making sculptures out of smoke’: using narrative and creative writing to develop students’ reflexivity’

Next week, Monday 16. December 2-3pm in 4E21b Meredith Marra (Victoria University Wellington) is going to present ‘Constructing equality through talk: negotiating hierarchies in the workplace’ (followed by a data workshop)

Here’s a photo of Meredith – and another photo of Petros Karatsareas, who presented at the BCL last week:

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Bristol Centre for Linguistics seminar by Petros Karatsareas

by Jeanette Sakel

All are welcome to the seminar Petros will give at the BCL (Bristol Centre for Linguistics) next week:

Wednesday, 4.12.2013      1-2pm       in 3E24

He will talk about his research on the interface between historical linguistics and contact linguistics, looking at a variety of Greek that has been in close contact with other languages, and investigating a number of claims as to whether some of the features in this variety are due to contact – or could be due to historical developments. This will be particularly useful for students of ‘Language Contact and Bilingualism’ at level 3 – but all others are very welcome, too. Continue reading

Bristol Centre for Linguistics Seminars 2013-2014 – updated list

by Richard Coates (updated 24.10.2013)

This year, we have a new round of BCL (Bristol Centre for Linguistics) seminars. They take place at the University of the West of England, Frenchay Campus, Wednesdays 13.00-14.00. Venue: 3E24

All students, staff and visitors are welcome!

6 November 2013 Judith Stewart and/or Jenni Crossley (Library, UWE) Research data management and digital curation

13 November 2013 Isabelle Needham-Didsbury (UCL) Metaphor in psychotherapy: implications for utterance interpretation

20 November 2013 Jonathan Charteris-Black (BCL, UWE) How does your sound bite DR SPIN?

4 December 2013 Petros Karatsareas (BCL, UWE) Caveats for contact linguistics from Cappadocian Greek

11 December 2013 Catherine Rosenberg (UWE) Title to be confirmed