Catherine Rosenberg

Bristol Centre for Linguistics Christmas events

by Jeanette Sakel

The BCL has two great forthcoming events (all students, staff and interested parties welcome!):

Tomorrow, Wednesday 11. December 1-2pm in 3E24 Catherine Rosenberg is going to talk about her thesis, presenting a talk on ‘Making sculptures out of smoke’: using narrative and creative writing to develop students’ reflexivity’

Next week, Monday 16. December 2-3pm in 4E21b Meredith Marra (Victoria University Wellington) is going to present ‘Constructing equality through talk: negotiating hierarchies in the workplace’ (followed by a data workshop)

Here’s a photo of Meredith – and another photo of Petros Karatsareas, who presented at the BCL last week:

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Congratulations Catherine!

by Jeanette Sakel

We have a new Dr amongst us – Catherine Rosenberg passed her EdD viva yesterday at Bristol University. WELL DONE x

Aspects of her work were conducted in partnership with a number of our students – especially those on her final year creative writing module. Here’s her abstract:


‘Making sculptures out of smoke’: an exploration of reflexive teaching and learning in Higher Education

‘Writing is product and process, noun and verb.’  (Colyar 2009:422)

 This dissertation explores the journey taken in devising and implementing a third year undergraduate module.  The journey started with the undertaking of my doctoral studies and a developing appreciation of the value of creative writing as a form of inquiry into the self and context, and the associated reflexivity involved in this process.  Bringing this work to bear on the design of the module, I became aware of a shift in the teaching and learning taking place in my classes.  The focus of this study is an investigation of this change in pedagogy.

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