PhD scholarships for ‘Language Contact in Indonesia’ at the University of Leiden

by Jeanette Sakel

This is particularly relevant for those of you who have already done an MA (or are doing so right now) and who want to pursue a PhD in contact studies / fieldwork (based in The Netherlands for this project):

Landing a floatplane in the Amazon

by Jeanette Sakel

You may ask: what has that to do with language?

Well, when you are doing fieldwork in the Amazon – that’s probably the most comfortable way to travel (and one, I have to add, I only experienced at a later stage, after having braved riding on the backs of pick-up trucks, in military airplanes, by boat and even going on foot. There are many ways to the field – and it can take quite a while to get there!

So, when I worked in a research team (with Dan Everett) and we had the chance to take a float plane to the Pirahã (flown by Dan’s son in law) – it was an amazing luxury! Here is a video of our landing on the river Maici – a tributary to the Madeira (and, eventually, the Amazon) – on our way to the field:

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