Jonathan Charteris-Black

CDA speeches! A practical exploration of Aristotle’s artistic proofs and other rhetorical techniques

by Craig Evans

For last week’s Critical Discourse Analysis module, several students volunteered to write speeches which they then delivered in the seminars. The purpose of the exercise was to explore the way that features of classical rhetoric, in particular Aristotle’s artistic proofs, work in persuasive writing. The format involved four speakers in each seminar making opposing arguments on two topics. After each speech the rest of the seminar group were asked to discuss the rhetorical merits of the speech; and after each topic, a vote was held to decide which argument had won the most support.

The two topics chosen by students to speak on were immigration and the Oscar Pistorius trial. Speakers were asked to argue against or for the following propositions:

“Immigration has gone far enough and a firm limit should now be placed on Britain’s borders”

“Oscar Pistorius is guilty of murder and should be sentenced accordingly” Continue reading


New textbook by Jonathan Charteris-Black

by Jeanette Sakel

Congratulations, Jonathan, on publishing your new textbook on ‘analysing political speeches’:

The book is also available downstairs in the Blackwell bookshop! Those of you studying Jonathan’s final-year module on ‘Critical discourse analysis’ will become quite familiar with the book!

Here’s what Jonathan says:

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